About the Club

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Purpose of the club

The objective of this club is to have an organization where Native American students can organize a group on NMHU Campus to let other students know that this is our ethnicity and that we are proud of our religious beliefs. We want to share this with every student on campus to represent who we are and invite people who aren’t native to be a part of the club.



Through out the fall and spring semester, the club will host activities such as bakes sales, food sales, raffles, field trips, homecoming float, Matanzas, and plenty of other activities that club members come up with together. These activities will happen all school year, the biggest event that will happen will be the pageant to select a new NMHU queen. There is also a club field trip at the end of the school year that the club members plan something fun to do whether its snowboarding or trip out of town. The Native American Club invites everyone, you don’t have to be native to join the club it’s open to everybody attending NMHU.

Club Information

There will be club meetings every week, so we can collaborate on ideas and start getting planned for the future. There will be four members leading the club which will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We want to expand our club so there can be more activities so if you know a friend that is interested, let them know about the Native American Club.

                                                                            Native American Club 2016-2017 DAPL Protest

Club Update- May 2018

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end, The Native American Club had a great year. From having taco sales, participating in the homecoming parade, take back event, trip to Denver CO, and the Native American Club Pageant. Club officers would like to thank all the club members who dedicated their time and labor to make these events possible. These were not easy to put together, but got it done as a club and will continue to build and expand. It was definitely a year to remember and more to look forward to the following year.

Also, on April 26th, 2018, the Native American Club had elections for new club officers to lead the club next school year. Congratulations to the following: Rushanna Sandoval as the new Club President, Tami Meyers as the Club Vice-President, Jerika Lementino as the Club Secretary, and right now there is not a Club Treasurer, so the position is open to anyone that is interested in joining the club next school year or is already a member of the club. A special thanks to the 2017-2018 Club officers on their hard work, dedication, and communication to build a stable Native American Club. Even though the term for club officers is up, it is a great experience that build’s maturity, character, and morality.

Club Officers 2018-2019

President: Rushanna Sandoval, Navajo

Vice President: Tami Meyers, Navajo

Secretary: Jerika Lementino, Zuni

Treasurer: To be determined in Fall 2018